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Ahhhh, island weather. Hilton Head's year-round mild temperatures are briefly spiked with true wintertime weather.

The climate on Hilton Head is delightful, with a semi-tropical warmth and enough of a seasonal change to keep it interesting. Springtime blooms early and fall late. There are even days in the middle of December that edge up to low 70s and high 80s. Overall, the year-round average of midday and evening temperatures are approximately 75 and 55 degrees, respectively.

Though all sports are enjoyed here year round, even water sports enthusiasts have a advantage on Hilton Head, since waters are warmed from the Gulf Stream, heating the sea to a year-round 69 degrees. And in the spring the ocean heats up quickly, beckoning even the most particular swimmers and sun-worshippers in for a dip.

As in any coastal community, hurricane season makes the weather a bit unpredictable in the late summer and early autumn months, when tropical storms and depressions brew offshore, threatening the coast from the Caribbean to Maine. Most often, these translate into heavy rains, and visitors have little to fear since hurricanes are well-tracked and adequate warnings are posted in advance of an actual evacuation.

That aside, the island possesses a delightfully temperate and seasonal climate that is blessedly warm throughout at least eighty percent of the calendar year. For basking in the great outdoors, there is no more beautiful or eventful place to be than on Hilton Head Island.